Building a stronger and fairer New Jersey

Moving forward.


In New Jersey, we’re used to doing big things and facing the challenges that come our way. There’s no question that the last year has tested us in ways we never imagined. Our next big challenge is where we go from here.

The answer is to do what we do best in New Jersey – move forward. And I know that together, we can build a stronger, fairer, and more resilient New Jersey that works for every family. 

We’ve accomplished so much over these past three-plus years: raising the minimum wage, ensuring equal pay for equal work, reducing the cost of health care, and having millionaires pay their fair share in taxes so the middle class doesn’t foot the bill.  Together, we can build upon these successes to make sure our state works for everyone, not just the wealthy and well-connected. 

Growing up in a working-class family, my parents instilled in me the value of public service and the importance of giving back to your community. Our dinner table conversations revolved around the politics of the time: the Kennedys; Martin Luther King, Jr.; the Vietnam War; George Meany; and the AFL-CIO, to name a few. I learned a lot from sitting at that kitchen table, but the main lesson I took away is how organizing and action can change people’s lives for the better. 

That’s why I decided to run for Governor in 2017, and why I’m running again now. Because our work isn’t finished — and we can’t go back to where we were before. We need to combat long standing disparities that this pandemic has laid bare and ensure a strong, equitable recovery for every New Jersey family. 

We’ve done exactly what we said we would do from day one: fight to make New Jersey stronger and fairer for everyone. 

I hope you’ll join our team, so we can move forward together and keep building on that progress — we need each and every one of you to get involved to help us win.