On the Issues

Mass Transit and Infrastructure


Restoring NJ TRANSIT to its rightful place as a national model for safe, efficient, and customer-driven mass transit is at the core of Phil Murphy’s vision for a stronger and fairer New Jersey. 

After eight years of chronic underfunding and mismanagement under the previous administration, the NJ TRANSIT system Phil inherited was in a state of disrepair, facing significant challenges on every front. Over the course of his first term, Phil has invested nearly one billion dollars into transforming NJ TRANSIT into a 21st-century transportation agency that New Jersey’s commuters deserve. 

As New Jersey emerges from the pandemic and ridership levels increase, New Jersey commuters will use an NJ TRANSIT that is safer and more reliable than ever before. Deadlines ignored by the previous administration for federally-mandated train safety have been met, and Phil made sure 11 years’ worth of work was completed in less than three. Working across the aisle, Phil secured nearly $900 million in federal funds to replace the century-old Portal Bridge, which had previously caused the single biggest railway bottleneck on the East Coast. 

Coming into office, Phil saw the severe understaffing of qualified NJ TRANSIT locomotive engineers, so he recruited, trained, and graduated over 100 engineers in less than three years to keep the rail lines safe and running on time. Critical investments have helped replenish an aging fleet of rail cars and buses — all without a single fare hike.   

Phil wants to create a transportation network for the next generation that is wholly different than the one we inherited. He’s proposed the largest infrastructure investment in the history of the state to ensure safer roads and bridges, and he will continue to work with partners on major infrastructure projects, like the expansion of the Port Authority Bus Terminal and the Gateway Program. These transformative investments will reap returns for the economy, improve quality of life, enhance safety, and create good-paying jobs.