On the Issues

Health Care


Ensuring that New Jerseyans have access to quality, affordable health insurance is a key part of making New Jersey stronger and fairer for everyone. That’s why it has been a top priority for Phil Murphy since day one. Despite the Trump administration’s repeated attacks on the Affordable Care Act, Phil has fought hard to make health care in New Jersey more accessible, more affordable, and more transparent.  

In 2020, Phil launched a state-run health care exchange to build on the Affordable Care Act and create a marketplace that is tailored to the needs of New Jerseyans, including things like longer enrollment periods, targeted outreach to consumers, increased assistance to choose a plan, and better data that helps keep premiums low. Through the exchange, hundreds of thousands of New Jerseyans have qualified for financial assistance, and premiums on the individual market are projected to drop by 29 percent in 2021.

To keep costs in check, Phil ended surprise out-of-network billing that too often burdened working families with medical expenses they didn’t expect. By working in partnership with organized labor, Phil reduced health care spending by billions of dollars while maintaining the highest quality of care. He also created the Office of Health Care Affordability and Transparency to empower consumers, improve price transparency, and lower the costs of health care and prescription drugs. 

In collaboration with his wife, Tammy, Phil implemented a plan to ensure equity in health care and end the maternal and infant health crisis that has threatened the lives of New Jersey’s mothers and babies of color. Phil has also proposed a new Cover All Kids initiative, a strategic investment toward ensuring that every child in New Jersey has health care.