On the Issues

Equality and Justice


Phil Murphy wants to build a stronger, fairer, and more equitable state for the over nine million residents who call New Jersey home. He has assembled the most diverse cabinet in state history to ensure his administration mirrors the diversity and talent of the state — including the first Black Lieutenant Governor, first female-majority cabinet, first openly LGBTQ+ cabinet member, first woman and Asian American Adjutant General and Commissioner of the Department of Veterans and Military Affairs, and first Sikh American Attorney General. 

By engaging directly with marginalized communities in the policymaking process, Phil has moved New Jersey toward greater social equity and an improved standard of living for Black and Brown communities, for women, for the immigrant community, for members of the LGBTQ+ family, and for countless others who have been either overlooked or purposely excluded from the process for far too long. 

Immigrant Rights

Phil knows that New Jersey is made stronger by its immigrant communities. He has worked in his first term to help immigrant communities not just live but also thrive in New Jersey by:

LGBTQ+ Rights

Phil has made great strides to make New Jersey a national leader in the ongoing fight for equality and a beacon of inclusivity for members of the LGBTQ+ community. Despite attempts from the federal government to roll back progress, he has eliminated discriminatory laws that subjected LGBTQ+ New Jerseyans to second-class status. Phil has fought to protect the dignity and advance the rights of everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity by:

Women’s Rights

From day one, Phil has been committed to fighting for millions of women across New Jersey. Phil has fought to make sure they are treated with the respect that they deserve by: 

Now, with President Trump’s 6-3 Supreme Court, protecting reproductive rights is even more crucial. Phil will defend the rights of New Jersey women by fighting to pass Roe v. Wade protections at the state level.