On the Issues

Clean Energy and the Environment


New Jersey, like states and communities around the world, faces an imminent threat from climate change. Rising seas threaten the state’s coast, and across the state, communities of color suffer higher-than-average asthma rates due to a decades-old imposition of pollutants. 

Over the last three-plus years, Phil Murphy has proudly taken steps to combat climate change and protect New Jersey’s air, water, and natural resources for a stronger, fairer, and more sustainable future. Phil is making the fight against climate change a critical part of New Jersey’s economy by investing in people and communities, ensuring environmental justice for all, creating good-paying jobs, and leading the way in the global clean energy transition.

Through his Energy Master Plan, Phil has outlined an ambitious roadmap to propel New Jersey toward 100 percent clean energy by 2050. Phil has worked to address the existential threat of climate change and seize a once-in-generation opportunity to create an equitable, green jobs workforce, by: