Affordable Housing


Phil Murphy is committed to strengthening New Jersey’s position as the best place in America to raise a family. He understands that increasing the availability of affordable housing is one of the most important steps to help strengthen communities, build up the economy, and grow the middle class.

Phil has confronted the issue of affordable housing head-on, ending the complete diversion of the Affordable Housing Trust Fund that occurred under his predecessor. He has signed a series of bills to prevent foreclosures and keep people in their homes, including the landmark New Jersey Foreclosure Prevention Act. Signing the Economic Recovery Act of 2020 into law, Phil ensured the most robust system of incentives to build affordable housing ever developed. 

When COVID-19 made it difficult for thousands of residents to pay their rent or their mortgage, Phil acted decisively, signing a sweeping executive order preventing the removal of individuals from their homes through eviction or foreclosure proceedings. To support landlords with COVID-related rent losses, Phil created a grant program to provide emergency relief for property owners. In addition to the $350 million New Jersey received in federal funding, Phil’s efforts led to a series of new programs to help those who have fallen behind on their rent, allocating $91 million from the Coronavirus Relief Fund to directly support them.

Phil Murphy is tackling the current affordable housing challenges while planning for continuing growth in population, as seen in the latest Census numbers. Under Phil’s leadership, New Jersey will continue the fight to make housing affordable for every resident, no matter where they live.