We’re on a journey to make New Jersey stronger and fairer for everyone, but we can’t do it alone. Grateful to have the support of these organizations as we keep moving New Jersey forward.


“The Community College Opportunity Grant Program has helped provide a quality education to eligible students and is the first step towards correcting inequalities in higher education. I proudly endorse the Governor in his reelection campaign in the hopes that he will continue to work to make New Jersey a more fair and equitable state for all.”

Nick Dannenfelser | Southern Regional Chair of College Democrats of New Jersey

“In 2017, our members endorsed Gov. Murphy on the basis of his promises and his progressive vision for public education. This year, he earned our endorsement on the basis of his outstanding record as governor. He’s kept and even exceeded his promises to New Jersey families and public school employees while guiding New Jersey through some of the most challenging times in our state’s history. We are excited to work until November to get him reelected so we can continue New Jersey’s progress together.”

Sean M. Spiller | Vice President of New Jersey Education Association


“Having experienced a superstorm like Hurricane Sandy, New Jerseyans know firsthand the devastation climate change can bring to their state, their homes, and their livelihoods. Because of Phil Murphy, New Jersey will see 100% clean energy by 2050 and seize a once-in-generation opportunity to create an equitable, clean jobs economy.”

Kevin Curtis | Executive Director of the National Resources Defense Council Action Fund

“Murphy pledged to put New Jersey on a path to achieving 100 percent clean energy by 2050, and he understands the importance of clean air, safe drinking water, and open space for all of New Jersey’s families and, in my opinion, has earned the title of ‘Greenest Governor in America.’ “

Ed Potosnak | Executive Director of the New Jersey League of Conservation of Voters

Equality and Justice


“Governor Murphy has shown a deep commitment to humanity, compassion, and advancing equity. It is critical he gets a second term so we can continue to work on critical issues for the Black community.”

Reverend Charles Boyer

“Reelecting Gov. Murphy and Lt. Gov. Oliver means a continued delivery on policies to keep the state moving forward, stronger and fairer. The successes include: raising the minimum wage, ensuring access to affordable housing, ensuring equal pay for equal work, criminal justice reform, reducing the cost of health care, and having millionaires pay their fair share in taxes.”

Reverend Bolivar Flores | Vice President of the NJ Coalition of Latino Pastors and Ministers

“No politician is perfect, and none will accomplish everything they promised without having some things fall in place. But I can say without equivocation, I fully support Governor Murphy because of his consistency, his intentional push for inclusiveness, his exceptional leadership during this COVID-19 pandemic, and the major campaign promises he has already kept. He must be reelected to finish the job.”

Bishop Toyin Laoye

“Over the last four years and under very difficult times due to this unprecedented pandemic, New Jersey has led the way on many fronts. This progress could not have been possible if not for the efforts of the Governor Phil Murphy and Lt. Sheila Oliver’s administration. Together they have led an agenda rooted in compassion, fairness and inclusiveness, building opportunities for all New Jersey residents to be part of a bright future.”

Reverend Raul Ruiz | President of the NJ Coalition of Latino Pastors and Ministers

“God’s grace and Governor Murphy have us on the road to a stronger and fairer New Jersey. We must continue to build on this progress so that we can lift up all New Jersey residents, and we can only do that by supporting and reelecting Phil D. Murphy.”

Reverend Louise Scott-Rountree

“Governor Phil Murphy is the most progressive Governor New Jersey has ever had and has been a friend to the NJ Muslim community. In his first term he has had one of the most diverse administrations in New Jersey’s history, including appointing a Muslim cabinet member and Muslims to roles throughout his administration. Through Emgage PAC’s endorsement process, Governor Murphy has pledged to continue his support of and commitment to the inclusion of the New Jersey Muslim community in meaningful ways. We are thrilled to not only endorse him but also to partner with him as he leads our great state with a strong commitment to equity and justice for all.”

Afsheen Shamsi | Board Member of Emgage PAC

“I’m voting for Governor Murphy because I know my history, and we cannot afford to go backward, only forward. New Jersey will continue to move forward with Governor Murphy and Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver leading the way.”

Reverend John Taylor

First Responders

“Our union has tried to work with every governor that has served during our 125 year history. None have, through both words and actions, shown their willingness to put politics aside to protect the safety of our members and the communities we serve more than Governor Murphy.”

“Whether it was a fair and level playing field at the bargaining table or supporting strong public safety legislation that has created a safer working environment for our members while balancing the rights of other stakeholders, Governor Murphy has hit the mark. We are forever grateful of Governor Murphy’s administration’s admiration of the hard work that men and women of the STFA do day in and day out, protecting the people of our great state.”

Wayne Blanchard | President of the state Troopers Fraternal Association of NJ PAC

Gun Safety

“Governor Murphy and Lieutenant Governor Oliver ran as strong gun sense champions, and since being elected they’ve governed like it. Governor Murphy and Lieutenant Governor Oliver can count on the full support of Moms Demand Action volunteers, who aren’t going to let anything stop them from electing gun sense champions up and down the ballot.”

“Leaders like Governor Murphy and Lieutenant Governor Oliver have given us more than thoughts and prayers: they’ve taken action. Under their leadership, New Jersey has passed a slate of common-sense gun safety reforms and made the Garden State safer for everyone. As gun safety remains a winning issue, Moms Demand Action volunteers will move heaven and earth to elect gun sense champions like Governor Murphy and Lieutenant Governor Oliver up and down the ballot.”

Health Care



“Coming in after the wreckage of Chris Christie, Murphy has taken steps to right the woefully underfunded state pension system. He raised the minimum wage. He got marijuana legalized for adults. Most important, he is leading Jersey successfully through the nightmare of COVID, where, like its New York neighbor, the plague landed first and hardest before we knew how to fight back.”

New York Daily News

Progressive Coalitions


“Governor Murphy has earned the endorsement of the NOW NJ PAC because of his demonstrated commitment to NOW’s mission and our six core issues of achieving constitutional equality, ending violence against women, supporting LBGTQ+ rights and fighting for reproductive rights and justice, economic justice and racial justice. As access to abortion and contraceptives is challenged at the federal level, gay and trans rights seem to be losing ground and the Senate refuses to re-enact the Violence Against Women Act, it is even more important to secure these rights at the state level.”

“Like the people of New Jersey, Gov. Murphy is an unabashed champion of reproductive health care and reproductive rights. In the middle of a pandemic, with the rights to abortion and accessible health care under attack at the highest levels of government, now is the time more than ever when we must not only protect but expand access to essential services.”