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Murphy for Governor Launches Fourth Television Ad “If You”


TRENTON — Murphy for Governor today launched its fourth television ad of the General Election — “If You” — highlighting Governor Murphy’s vision for New Jersey. The spot features accomplishments during the Governor’s first term including making healthcare and education more affordable, defending the right to choose, standing up for the middle class, among many other progressive victories. 

Watch If You 


Voiceover: What would you do if you were governor?

Voiceover: Okay… after you met Springsteen.

Person 1: Not bad

Person 2: First, I’d make healthcare, childcare and college more affordable.

Person 3: Man, I was going to say that.

Person 4: Create clean energy jobs.

Person 5: Springsteen? Frank Sinatra!

Person 6: Defend our right to choose.

Person 7: Pass paid family leave.

Person 1: I’d make millionaires pay their fair share. 

Person 5: So the middle class gets a break.

Person 6: Definitely use a break.

Person 7: That’s what I’d do.

Person 8: That’s what I would do.

Governor Murphy: So that’s what I’ve done. So far. 

Person 1: Boom!

Governor Murphy: I’m pretty sure this is not my pen.