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#NJLGDebate: The Ciattarelli-Allen Pro-Gun Agenda Would Make New Jersey Less Safe


NEWARK — Senator Diane Allen has already made it clear that a Ciattarelli-Allen administration would dismantle New Jersey’s nation-leading gun safety laws, making it easier for more people to obtain guns and relaxing concealed carry laws. In June, Senator Allen praised Texas’ gun laws and embraced the dangerous “good guy with a gun” argument.

On the record:

[26:14] Asked if she would support Ciattarelli in scaling back concealed carry laws: “Well, you know it’s interesting, I look at the states where they allow concealed weapons and they seem to have less problems than for instance, Chicago or Philadelphia, or all these big cities. I look down in Texas, where as you know, I think concealed and maybe even unconcealed weapons are allowed, and these people that go into churches and schools and start shooting, there’s usually somebody there that has a gun that can take them out. So I’d like to look at that. I would very much like to look at that.”