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Gov. Murphy & Sen. Weinberg: New Jersey must ensure reproductive freedom for all


With the Supreme Court’s decision not to block the nation’s most restrictive anti-abortion law in Texas, millions of women in the Lone Star State have lost the right to reproductive care. The court will hear Mississippi’s case this October and, based on their actions this week, it is clear that women across the nation are at risk of losing their right to safe, legal abortions and reproductive care. This imperils their right to keep lifesaving medical care decisions between them and their doctor.

This dangerous law goes beyond depriving a woman of her constitutional rights. It criminalizes private citizens — from doctors to Uber drivers — who assist a woman with exercising those rights. It encourages neighbors to turn against neighbors, and it prevents care providers and even loved ones from helping those in need. What is worse is that this law was written as a guide for other states to follow.

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