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Phil Murphy’s kept the promise he made to my family — and thousands more


He told us, in no uncertain terms, “you have my commitment — my administration will make the payments to the pension system.” 

You see, Murphy knew it was unjustifiable and insanely costly to skip our pension payments.  He knew that people like my mom depend upon that pension. He knew that people like my dad sacrificed their whole working lives to provide for their loved ones should they pass away early.  

When I learned that Murphy would, for the first time in 25 years, make the full pension payment in this year’s budget, I was nearly overcome with emotion. I found myself still in COVID-19 isolation, having barely seen my mother in over a year, with tears rolling down my face. And when the revenues came in stronger than expected, and I learned that the governor worked with the Legislature to add another $500,000,000 to our beleaguered public pension plans, I cried again.  

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