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ICYMI: Republican Gubernatorial Nominee Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli Doubles Down on Extreme, Trump-like Agenda


NEWARK – In a new interview with Star-Ledger columnist Tom Moran, Republican gubernatorial nominee Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli doubled down on his extreme agenda to drag New Jersey backward. 

Ciattarelli’s dangerous Trump-like plan includes cutting income taxes for the wealthy and well-connected, slashing school aid to Black and Brown communities, abolishing all vaccine requirements like measles and mumps for schoolchildren, rolling back New Jersey’s nationally recognized gun safety laws, and banning the LGBTQ+ curriculum in schools. 

Despite his recent pleas to the Trump base for “wiggle room,” Assemblyman Ciattarelli proudly declared just how far-right he is, even leaving open the possibility of supporting Trump in 2024.

Read more from Tom Moran below:

“He would steeply cut income taxes on the wealthiest, lowering the top rate from its current 10.75 percent to no more than 7.6 percent. He favors ‘substantial’ cuts in business taxes as well. ‘Every time you turn around, New Jersey is in your pocket, Ciattarelli says. ‘I see these as fair tax cuts.’”


“He would rewrite the state’s formula for dispersing school aid, with steep cuts to poor urban districts like Newark. Increasing school aid to suburban districts is the centerpiece of his plan to contain property taxes. ‘We need a fairer and more equitable distribution of state aid,’ Ciattarelli says. ‘The goal is to achieve equity without leaving anyone behind.’”


“He opposes mandates for Covid vaccines — and would even abolish the requirement that schoolchildren get vaccinations against childhood diseases like mumps. ‘I don’t believe anyone has the right to tell anyone they have to take a medicine,’ Ciattarelli says.”


“He opposes most police reforms enacted after George Floyd’s murder, charging that Murphy has ‘disarmed’ the police. No civilian review boards. No change in ‘qualified immunity’ laws that protect abusive officers against civil lawsuits. And no public release of misconduct findings.”


“He wants to amend the state’s strict gun laws to allow more people in “certain professions” to carry concealed firearms. He suggested a realtor hosting an open house might qualify, or a truck driver, or even a journalist. ‘I think the realtor is a powerful example,’ Ciattarelli says. ‘That’s a discussion worth having.’”


“He wants to roll back the LGBT curriculum in New Jersey, saying sexual orientation should not be discussed in the early grades. He would rewrite the sex education curriculum as well, saying discussion of explicit sexual acts like anal and oral sex should be delayed until high school. ‘Those are discussions to be had at home,’ Ciattarelli says. “I’m in agreement with many parents on this.’”


“He’s changed his wardrobe to fit the times. He voted for Trump in 2020 and won’t rule out voting for him again in 2024. His tax cuts are enormous and tilted towards the wealthy.”

The full article can be found here.