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‘We’re Not Teaching Sodomy In 6th Grade’: GOP Nominee For N.J. Governor Wants To End LGBTQ Curriculum


The Republican nominee for governor in New Jersey, Jack Ciattarelli, is vowing to roll back school curricula that centers LGTBQ inclusivity, falsely claiming that “sexual orientation” is being taught to kindergarteners and sixth graders are learning “sodomy.”  

The comments, made during a campaign stop at a gun range last month according to a video obtained by Gothamist/WNYC, were criticized by the state’s gay-rights group, Garden State Equality. Sodomy is a term referring to sexual acts that people of all sexual orientations engage in, but it has historically been used to equate homosexuality with deviancy, and anti-sodomy laws were long used to prosecute people for their sexual orientation.

Read the full article here, originally published by Gothamist on July 13, 2021.