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Murphy for Governor Launches New Digital Ad “Hired”


NEWARK — Murphy for Governor today launched a new paid digital ad — “Hired” — that highlights Republican gubernatorial nominee Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli’s plan to take New Jersey back to the failed policies of the past, including his support for President Trump’s extreme agenda. During the first few weeks of the general election, Assemblyman Ciattarelli has already welcomed Trump’s endorsement and repeatedly shown voters just how out-of-touch he is with New Jersey values. 



Voiceover: Previously on The Bunker at Bedminster…

Voiceover: Who was hired to put Trump’s extreme agenda to work here in New Jersey? Jack Ciattarelli! Well, how’d he do it?

Assemblyman Ciattarelli: I supported Donald Trump’s policies. My votes in the Legislature were very consistent with Donald Trump.

Voiceover: Smooth move, Jack.

Assemblyman Ciattarelli: His greatest legacy was conservative justices…to the Supreme Court.

Voiceover: Nice one!

Assemblyman Ciattarelli: The President’s policies worked for the nation.

Voiceover: Um, well…you’re hired anyway for promising an economy that only works for the wealthy and well-connected.

Trump Voiceover: It’s great to be back.