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Murphy for Governor Launches New Television Ad “Bakery”


TRENTON — Murphy for Governor today launched a new television ad, highlighting Governor Murphy’s actions to provide immediate relief to small businesses throughout New Jersey that have been impacted by the pandemic. Through the Governor’s actions, small businesses — and the Main Streets many of them call home — are getting back on their feet and poised for a stronger future.

In the ad — “Bakery” — Renee Faris, owner of Erie Coffeeshop & Bakery in Rutherford, describes the challenges of keeping her doors open during the pandemic, her support for Governor Murphy’s efforts to boost hard-hit small businesses, and her optimism for New Jersey’s future. 

Watch “Bakery” 


I built this business on relationships with people.

Classic Mom & Pop shop.

The unknown factor of it all was the most scary.

I thought I was going to lose my business.

I think Governor Murphy tried to do the right thing.

I think he cares about people.

He’s making sure small businesses like mine get the help we need — right now.

This isn’t just a bakery — it’s a second home to some people. 

I’m super hopeful about the future.

Diehard Jersey Girl.