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Out-of-Touch Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Jack Ciattarelli On Why He Previously Criticized Trump: A Christie Presidency Seemed “Pretty Exciting”


TRENTON — In a public forum at Rider University on Tuesday, Republican gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli made it clear that in 2016 it was either a Christie or Trump Presidency. When asked about his past criticisms of Trump, Ciattarelli suggested it was only because he was “rooting” for Chris Christie and the thought of Christie becoming president seemed “pretty exciting.” 

The outlandishness of Ciattarelli’s about-face on Trump, who he has since fully embraced because his policies “worked,” is only outdone by his adoration for former governor Chris Christie. Unsurprisingly, during his time as a member of the State Legislature, Jack voted in lockstep with the failed Christie agenda, which includes eliminating funding for women’s health care, drastically reducing state education aid and thus increasing property taxes, and killing “radical” efforts to raise the minimum wage for working families. 

Ciattarelli’s latest out-of-touch praise of former Governor Christie is emblematic of his entire campaign. From touting Trump’s agenda as “good for America,” to more recently lauding a historically unpopular governor, it’s clear that Jack’s vision would see New Jersey go back to the failures of the Trump-Christie legacy. 

Full Excerpt:

“And with regard to Trump, anytime anyone’s ever asked me a question I’ve answered it straight up. Did I say things about Donald Trump in 2015? I did. Chris Christie was still in the race. I was in the Legislature, and the thought of the Governor of New Jersey becoming the President of the United States seemed pretty exciting to me. So we were rooting for Chris.”

“Whether it’s glad-handing with radical Trump extremists or doubling down on his failed record as a Trenton insider, Jack continues to prove that he’s out-of-touch with New Jerseyans. A proud Christie lapdog is the exact opposite of the type leadership that New Jersey voters want and deserve,” said Murphy for Governor Spokesman Jerrel Harvey. “Governor Murphy has worked tirelessly to dig New Jersey out of the mess Christie and Ciattarrelli made, and Ciattarelli’s plan to take us backward will be soundly rejected.”